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Talking Bird: The Special Edition episodes can be found here

The Talking Bird Podcast was originally created to discuss the criminally underwatched Adult Swim Network program “Eagleheart” in its third season.

When “Eagleheart” ended, Jon & Robert were crestfallen. They put the show on hiatus and retreated to separate small, dank caves to ponder what to do next.

Around the release of the second “Star Wars: the Force Awakens” teaser trailer, Jon & Robert decided to emerge from exile and discuss their lifelong obsession with the Star Wars saga, using all the skills they learned from producing twelve episodes of the critically-acclaimed, criminally under listened-to, “Talking Bird: the 100% Unofficial, Eagleheart Companion” podcast.

Renamed, “Talking Bird: The Special Edition”, Jon & Robert once again reach into their collective knowledge and discuss “Star Wars” in a fun and casual way. In August of 2017, after 92 episodes, the “Special Edition” ended.

Robert renamed the podcast “Talking Bird” (3rd times the charm) and widened the scope of show topics outside Star Wars.

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