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Five Scary Movies You Might Have Missed

Nothing beats watching your favorite scary movies during the month of October. If you’re always on the hunt for a new Halloween favorite, here’s a few that aren’t the usual suspects.

1. “The Changeling” (1980). George C. Scott plays a composer, destroyed by a family tragedy, who moves to a long-abandoned mansion in Seattle. He […]

Review: “Elstree 1976”

“Elstree 1976” (2015, 1h41m)

“It’s part of my life. Not my life.” – Pam Rose (aka Leesub Sirin)

The cloud of melancholy that hangs over the entirety of Jon Spira’s, “Elstree 1976” is an interesting choice for a documentary film about actors and extras who performed in the original “Star Wars” (1977).

Most Star […]