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Two Dudes Talk About the Alien Movie Franchise

Two Dudes Talk About “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”

Sean Judy returns to talk about “The Last Jedi”.

Two Dudes Talk About Glenn Danzig

Robert returns to podcasting and discusses the work of Glenn Danzig with comic artist Sean Judy.

Talking Bird: The Special Edition Episode 90

Jon reviews “Valerian”. Robert complains about the “Blade Runner: 2049” trailer. Did Star Wars kill people’s appetites for other kinds of space opera? Are Jon & Robert going to read any of the “Journey to the Last Jedi” book offerings? What kind of Star Wars game is Amy Hennig making over at Visceral? You get […]

Talking Bird: The Special Edition Episode 89

STAR WARS! D23 Sizzle Reel! “Teaser” Posters! Disney’s “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge”. Stuff, talking, Florida, you get the picture

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Talking Bird: The Special Edition Episode 88

After another break, Jon & Robert return to find Ron Howard taking over the Han Solo movie and Jon wonders if Opie has got the goods. Robert loves “Apollo 13” too much to have perspective. Will a proper trailer or “behind the scenes” sizzle reel drop at D23? Can Lucasfilm loosen the creative reigns with […]

Talking Bird: The Special Edition Episode 87

Holy Smokes! “Han Solo” directors Phil Lord and Chris get fired over “Creative Differences” and the Bird Boys return to break down all the speculation and speculate even more. Star Wars Drama, just in time for Summer! Is Star Wars reluctant to take risks or did Kathy Kennedy save a sinking ship?


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Talking Bird: The Special Edition Episode 86

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Jon & Robert analyze Annie Leibovitz’s recent “The Last Jedi” photo shoot for Vanity Fair. They ruminate on the disclosure that Lucasfilm is making everything up as the go. Robert really wishes Rian Johnson would stay off Twitter and Jon has some pitches for […]

Talking Bird: The Special Edition Episode 85

Early in the 21st Century, the Bird Boys advanced amateur broadcasting in the NEXUS phase – a show virtually identical to 1000 other programs –known as a PODCAST.

Special microphones were purchased to record a weekly conversation about Star Wars.

This was not just a podcast.

It was called Talking Bird: The Special Edtion.



Talking Bird: The Special Edition Episode 84

Jon & Robert talk about the weather and find themselves somewhat indifferent to “May the Fourth”. Robert tries to find meaning in the movie ‘Monster Trucks’. Jon waxes nostalgic for the Lando-centric minor league baseball jersey that got away. The Bird Boys get caught up on Marvel’s Star Wars comics (mostly) and discuss “The Last […]